Simple steps to make a custom book

1. Get Started

With a $39.99 deposit, a gorgeous shipping kit arrives on your doorstep. (No need to decide on book size just yet-that comes later.)

2. Choose & Send

Fill your box with all your favorites-artwork, report cards, spelling tests, photos, clay figures-it's all fair game!

Fill out the Art Submission Form, found in the shipping kit, indicating which book size you'd like to order.

Attach the pre-paid shipping sticker to the outside of your box and send it back to us. Click here for tips on packing and prepping your artwork!

3. Check your email

We'll pop you an email and an invoice when your artwork arrives in our studio. Pricing is based upon number of pieces of art. See full pricing here. Your $39.99 deposit will be deducted from the invoice.

4. Approve

In 1-2 weeks after payment, you will receive a digital proof via email to flip through and approve.

5. Enjoy

Voila! Your beautiful work comes back in a book. (If you've asked for your artwork to be returned, it will arrive separately from your Plum Print book.)

Watch below to learn more