What is Digitizing?

What is Digitizing?

The Magic of Digitization: How Plum Print Saves Your Kid’s Art

You may have heard the term “digitize” or “digitizing” before, but may be wondering what it means and how it is used in the Plum Print process of saving your children’s artwork by creating our custom books and products. 

Digitizing, or digitization, is the process of converting physical information into a digital format. In other words, it is the process of taking tangible items, like photos, objects, and sound, and putting them into a digital form that can be read and processed by a computer.

Digitizing is an important part of the Plum Print process - it’s how we turn your precious art and memories into beautiful custom books and products! Our dedicated team of digitizers carefully and professionally use sophisticated photography, lighting equipment, and high tech scanners to digitize: 

  • Precious artwork
  • School work
  • Trophies
  • Sculptures
  • Photos
  • Treasured letters
  • Handwritten recipes and more!

We take steps to eliminate errant blemishes, scratches or tears that were not part of the original piece whenever possible. 

Once digitized, these high quality images are then designed into the wonderful custom coffee table books that Plum Print is known for, and can even be printed onto our other custom products, such as notecards, pillows, prints, and pouches. 

With thousands of pieces of art and memories digitized every week, you may be wondering how we keep the process streamlined and easy. The answer is simple - it starts with you! Before you send us your precious art and memories to save, try these helpful tips for easing along the digitizing process and ensuring your custom book is perfectly made! 

Digitizing Tip #1: Number and Label Your Pieces

We are unique in that our process is entirely custom. This includes the organization of your precious memories within your custom book. If you want your pieces arranged in a certain order, whether it is chronological, alphabetical, or by grade level, we ask that you number your pieces in the order you want them to appear in your book. 

If there are pieces that may be abstract or hard to tell which end is “up”, please let us know which way you’d like them oriented. 

Additionally, if you want our team to skip or omit any pieces, please write “skip” or draw an X on the piece. You can number or label your pieces however you wish, but our digitizing team recommends writing on the backs lightly in pencil or using secure and well-adhered sticky notes. 



Digitizing Tip #2: Be Specific

Our goal at Plum Print is to make sure your precious memories are digitized and designed exactly as you envision them in your custom book, so the more information you can provide us, the better! Every Plum Print shipping kit includes a form for you to fill out with your specifications for your custom book. 

If you have additional instructions beyond what is asked on the form, please write a note for us on the inside of your box, or include a note or typed list that lets us know your digitizing and design specifics.



Digitizing Tip #3: Carefully Wrap and Secure Your Pieces

In order to capture the perfect image of your precious tangible memories, it is ideal that they arrive at our studio as true to their original quality and form as possible. When packing up your pieces into your Plum Print shipping kit, we suggest using the provided bag to keep your pieces safe and secure. 

If you are sending delicate pieces, such as ceramics, glass, or trophies, consider taking additional measures to protect them during transit. Our digitizing team recommends wrapping your delicate memories in bubble wrap and padding the interior of your box with tissue paper or newspaper to fill any unused space for added protection. 

Digitizing Tip #4: Consolidate and Organize Your Pieces

We love seeing all of the wonderful artwork and memories you choose to share with us! Every piece of art, photograph, recipe, and beyond that you include in your shipping kit will be digitized and included in your book. 

It is important to remember that due to the exceptionally custom nature of the Plum Print process, removing any digitized or designed pieces after you receive your book proof will not alter or reduce your final total cost. Our team suggests consolidating and organizing your pieces carefully before sending your kit back to us. This will ensure that your custom book is created the way you want it to be - less stress and more fun for you and for us!



Digitizing Tip #5: Consider the Kind of Pieces You Want to Send

While we happily encourage you to send us all of your precious pieces, some of them may not be able to be captured or preserved in their truest original form. You may have lots of photos on your phone or other devices that you’d like to include in your custom book, and it may be tempting to print them all out and send them in your kit. Though you are more than welcome to submit your photos in this way, we have found that the photos often lose their quality substantially when printed out. 

To keep your electronic images as true to their original quality as possible, please contact our team ahead of time and we will arrange an alternative method for you to submit them digitally. Additionally, when choosing which pieces to send in your shipping kit, please refrain from including perishable items, such as pumpkins, and hazardous materials, such as medical tests.

There is no shortage of ways that you can save your children’s artwork and enjoy your precious memories for a lifetime, and digitizing makes that possible. By using the above tips, you can be sure that your custom Plum Print experience will be easy and streamlined, creating less headache for you and more fun in creating for us!

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