7 Creative Ways To Display Your Kids' Artwork

7 Creative Ways To Display Your Kids' Artwork

Creating art is a magical form of self-expression for children. Whether made at home or school, your Petite Picassos look forward to sharing their masterpieces with you. Every drawing or painting is unique and sentimental to your child, and they will create a lot of it through the years. At times, the sheer number of arts and crafts they bring home can be overwhelming. Deciding how to display children's artwork can be a conundrum, but it doesn't have to be!


While you can, of course, exhibit your child's masterpieces anywhere in your home, it’s fun to make a plan—something that goes beyond just pinning them to the fridge with a magnet.


Even if you’re short on time, there are some next-level, personalized artwork display ideas that allow your child's creativity to really shine. Here are 7 that are sure to inspire you.


Artwork Display Idea 1:

Frame It!

When you put your child's artwork in a frame, it becomes a piece of art. Meredith Goforth, a home organizing guru and the founder of House of Prim, recommends choosing a selection of artwork your child is most proud of. "I love displaying children's artwork in a place about them, like their room or playroom," Goforth says. "It's so cute to create a gallery wall and add to it over time as they grow!"


Suppose you want to make the gallery wall a focal point in your home, like in the living room. In that case, Goforth recommends grouping the pieces together with the same color frame. Or consider mixing your child's framed artwork into an existing gallery wall of art, Goforth suggests. "It doesn't have to be expensive," she promises. "I shop for frames at Ikea and Target for my home." A creative mix of art can make any room in your house more colorful.


For an individual, statement-making print, consider having it custom-framed. If you have a hard time committing, Leanne Ford, celeb interior designer, suggests leaning them against a wall or layering them in an area on the floor. This way, you can move the artwork to other rooms in the house whenever you need to.


Artwork Display Idea 2:

Tape It!

Consider using Washi Tape, a decorative tape created from rice paper that won't damage your child's artwork—or your walls. You will find tons of inspiration for ways to use Washi Tape on Pinterest. This method is temporary, so you can experiment with different colors and patterns, and it’s a relaxed and whimsical approach to displaying their artwork.


Artwork Display Idea 3:

Pin It!

The perfect background for the artwork to display is a chic pinboard. "I love a company called Corkboard.com," says Goforth. "They create beautiful, custom-wrapped pinboards. It's a classic look, and even more so with your child's artwork." This type of display makes it super easy for kids to pin up their latest art projects, and they can switch out their designs whenever they please.


Artwork Display Idea 4:

Print It!

The easiest and chicest idea is to have a specialist make a hardcover book of your child's art. You can send Plum Print all your child's artwork. Each piece will be professionally photographed and turned into a stunning coffee table book. This option is a great conversation piece when family and friends visit your home and is a keepsake for your child to cherish long into the future.


Artwork Display Idea 5:

Clip It!

Display your child's art using wire, string, clothespins, or art clips to create a rotating gallery. Great inspiration can be found on Instagram. It's a sweet way to showcase their art, and it's easy to change out the masterpieces when your child brings new creations home.


Artwork Display Idea 6:

Photograph It!

Digitizing your child's artwork  is a smart way to safely preserve their creations. And you can make it super easy by having Plum Print do the photographing for you! They specialize in creating professional reproductions of each piece of artwork and provide you with high-resolution digital files. This option gives you peace of mind knowing the images are safe and sound and are protected from wear and tear of time and unforeseen fire or water damage. You can also upload the photos Plum Print creates to your phone, computer, or iPad and display multiple art pieces as a rotating screensaver or wallpaper.


Artwork Display Idea 7:

Personalize It!

Every piece of artwork your child creates is wonderfully personal. And you can preserve these designs by having Plum Print turn your child's artwork into so many beautiful things; notecards make a perfect gift (grandparents will love them!), a pillow for their bed, a pouf for a cozy reading corner, and even large cushions for their playroom. If you have a pet, your child can create a piece of art for them, and you can use the design for a dog or cat bed!


Now that you have 7 artwork display ideas, it's the perfect time to get started!

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