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  • What are the deadlines for Plum Print books?

    For delivery by December 24th:

    • We suggest you place your deposit by 11/21
    • Art must arrive in the Plum Print Studio by 12/2
    • Book proofing and payment must be complete by 12/13
    • Duplicate books must be ordered by 12/13

    Miss a deadline and still want to place an order? Contact us ASAP for RUSH options.

  • What are the holiday deadlines for all other Plum Print products?

    For delivery by December 24th, all online gallery and Plum Print Marketplace orders must be placed by 12/8.

  • What if I miss a deadline?

    If you miss a deadline, don't worry! You can order gift certificates at any time to be emailed the same day. Gift certificates are available for custom Plum Print books and products and the Plum Print Marketplace.

    If you miss a deadline for your Plum Print book order, please contact us ASAP about a rush order. 

Plum Print Books

  • What kind of art do you accept? Do you curate the art I send in my box?

    We accept anything that fits into our Plum Print shipping kit! That means everything from schoolwork to rolled-up murals, from pinch pots and shell collections to basketball trophies!

    We do NOT curate the artwork that arrives in our studios. Everything that arrives in the Plum Print shipping kit will be digitized and included in your price. Removing pieces after they have been digitized, edited and designed, will not lower the cost of your book.

  • Do you return the artwork that I send?

    Yes! If you'd like your artwork returned, there is a $19.99 shipping fee. Most customers skip it, because they LOVE their Plum Print book so much they don't need the originals. 

  • What exactly is a Plum Print shipping kit?

    Our Plum Parcel Shipping Kit delivers all of your shipping needs to your doorstep. It comes with a large box (24” x 14” x 5”) for mailing a significant amount of artwork, a plastic resealable bag to protect your artwork, an Art Submission Form, and a prepaid FedEx label. All you need to do is fill it with art and drop the box at any FedEx location.

  • What if I want the artwork in a specific order, chronological or otherwise?

    If you would like your pieces to appear in a specific order in the book, you MUST clearly number the back of each piece, in order, lightly in pencil. Rearranging the order of pieces after your book has been designed will result in an additional redesign fee. Please see our tips page for arranging your art.

  • Does each piece of art get its own page?

    Not every piece gets its own page. We typically work with a 3:2 ratio whereby we place 3 pieces of artwork on every 2 pages. Sometimes one page will showcase 4 pieces of artwork, others times one piece will get a full page. If you have certain pieces that you’d like to see on their own page, you can request those changes during the proofing process. If you would like strictly one piece of artwork per page, please email our Customer Service department to let us know. There will be an additional fee.

  • What type of changes can I make to the proof? Can I add photos and text?

    You can make up to four minor changes on the proof that we send you. Examples of a minor changes include a single page layout, a background color, or the size of a particular image. We cannot completely redesign the layout of a book after the proof is sent. If you would like a more extensive redesign, please email our Customer Service department.

    You may include ONE high-resolution photograph of your child, along with a short blurb about them or their artwork that will be included on the title page of the book. You will be prompted to upload the photo of your child after we receive your artwork.

    You can add captions on the pages of your book for a minimal fee listed on our pricing page. Please send the captions in your shipping kit with the artwork. 

    If you would like to add multiple photos to your book, they will be counted like pieces of artwork.

  • Are these books high quality?

    All books are printed on the leading HP Indigo offset digital press with archival quality 100 lb glossy paper. Softcover books have a perfect binding and feature your artwork on a glossy cover. Hardcover books have a library binding and feature your artwork on a matte cover that wraps around the cover of the book.

  • How do I order duplicate books at 50% off? What are the details?

    Duplicate books at 50% off are a great deal for gifts! There are two ways to order duplicates: when you send in your artwork OR after your original book is complete. When you send your artwork in, you may mark how many copies of the book you would like. After your original book is complete, you may order duplicates through the "My Orders" page in your account.

    Please note that if you order a different size duplicate book (i.e., changing sizes from an original 13" x 11" book to a duplicate 10" x 8" book) there will be a $20 redesign fee for our graphic design team to re-size the layout and make sure the duplicate is just as stunning as the original. 

    Please note that duplicates ordered after the original order is complete will be charged shipping.

  • Can I add additional artwork or photos AFTER I've seen my proof?

    Sure! You can email artwork images or photos to orders@plumprint.com or you can mail the additional artwork directly to our studio:

    Plum Print

    Attention: Orders

    45 South French Broad Ave. Suite 100

    Asheville, NC 28801

    You will be sent an invoice for the incremental cost of the additional pieces PLUS a redesign charge to add the images to your book. Redesign fees are as follows:

    Up to 10 pieces/photos: $20

    Up to 20 pieces/photos: $40

    Up to 30 pieces/photos: $60 redesign fee

    Up to 40 pieces/photos: $80 redesign fee


  • How do you digitize the artwork?

    We use sophisticated photography and lighting equipment, as well as high tech scanners, to capture the perfect image of your children’s artwork. We take steps to eliminate errant blemishes, scratches or tears that were not part of the original mini masterpiece whenever possible.

  • I’m having trouble logging into my account, can you help?

    Absolutely! First, are you a past customer? If so, please use the email associated with your past orders and click “I forgot my password” to reset. If you can’t figure out which email you used to place your past orders, just email us and we’ll help you out. New customers, you will need to set up a new account to place your first order.

  • Why do I have to send in my artwork? Why can’t I take pictures of it myself?

    We prefer you send in your artwork so our professional digitizing studio can capture the best possible digital reproduction of your artwork. But if you’re pressed for time, or you’d prefer to do the digitizing yourself, feel free! Just follow the directions here to send us your image(s).

    You absolutely can make a book yourself on any photo book website. What we provide that you may or may not have is: time (this process would take about 30-40 hours for someone attempting their first book); professional equipment and the expertise to extract the best possible digital rendering of your children’s artwork; professional graphic designers who care about showcasing your children’s artwork in the best possible layout; the professional printing and binding service that delivers you a premium quality, beautiful book that you will be proud to show off to family and friends.

  • Where do I access the digitized images of my kid's artwork? 

    When you are logged in, click here to view your private galleries.

  • What is the return policy? Can I cancel/change my order?

    All sales are final and we offer no refunds. There are no replacements with the exception of items arriving defective or damaged. If an item has arrived damaged, please take photographs of both the packaging and product and email us right away so we can replace it. Visit our Shippings and Returns page for more details.

    You have 30 minutes after placing your book deposit or gallery order (note cards, pillows, etc.) to cancel - please CALL us at 828-633-5535 during business hours (8:30am-5:30pm ET) or email us at orders@plumprint.com after hours.

    After the 30 minute window, there are no refunds issued. Please see our Shipping & Returns policy for more information.


  • How long does it take to receive my Plum Print book? How about your other products?

    PLUM PRINT BOOKS: The current turnaround time to receive your Plum Print book is about five to six weeks after your artwork arrives in our studios. Once your artwork arrives in our studios, it takes approximately four weeks to receive your book proof. After we receive approval of your proof, it takes approximately one week to deliver your book. Rush delivery is available, please contact us at orders@plumprint.com if you need your book by a certain date.

    HOME DECOR PRODUCTS: There is currently a 9-12 business-day turnaround for all textiles products (throw pillows, poufs, shower curtains). There is currently a 6 business day turnaround for paper products (notecards, calendars, posters). Paper products will ship separately from textile products. Larger products may ship on their own due to packaging limitations. 

    RUSH OPTIONS: We'll try our best to get you what you need, when you need it! Please contact us at orders@plumprint.com to let us know what date you need your order delivered.

  • Do you ship internationally? What about to Hawaii and Alaska?

    HOME DECOR PRODUCTS: We currently only ship our new products to the US. There are extra shipping fees for shipping to Hawaii and Alaska.

    PLUM PRINT BOOKS: Absolutely! While we do not ship Plum Parcels outside of the continental US, you can download our Art Submission Form and mail your artwork directly to us. There will be an additional shipping fee (dependent on location) but the rest of the Plum Print process will work just the same. If you choose to have your original artwork returned, that shipping fee will be calculated when your artwork arrives in our studio and you will be notified via email. Click here for more information and to download your Art Submission Form.

  • Is there a charge for a wrong address?

    Unfortunately, FedEx penalizes $13 per wrong address. Please be extra careful when entering your shipping address. For each shipping box that is sent out with an incorrect address, the charge will be added to your final invoice. If the mistake is due to a Plum Print or FedEx error, you will not be charged.

Plum Print Home Decor Products

  • How do I access my digitized images to purchase home décor products? Can I send new art?

    There are 3 different ways to have your art turned into home decor products:

    1. If you have already sent us art, be sure you are logged in, and then visit our SHOP. Once in the SHOP, click on any of our home décor or other gifts. You'll then be prompted to select the artwork you'd like on that product. If you'd like to visit your gallery of images first, please click here. You are able to choose images from multiple children/galleries as you're building your products.

    2. You can submit your own photo. Please follow the directions here to email us your image.

    3. You can mail in new artwork to be added to your gallery. Mail us the pieces that you would like to use on the products. Once the artwork is digitized, we’ll send you a link to your gallery, where you can pick and choose which pieces are printed on each product you’d like to order.

  • What kind of art works best? Is there any art you cannot use?

    We can use any kind of art you want to send us! Art with bright bold colors tends to look best. Irregular shaped artwork will appear on a white background.

    Because the dimensions of the products are all fixed, there is a likelihood that some artwork will be cropped in production. However, you will be able to see a preview of your product before checkout. You can find exact dimensions on our product page.

  • Can I see a proof of my product?

    Yes, you will see an on-screen preview of your final product.

  • I love my products! How easy is it to have duplicates made, do I have to recreate it entirely?

    Yes, if you'd like to order duplicates, please recreate the order from your gallery. We are working on building a one-click re-order process! :-) 

  • What are the care instructions for the home décor products?

    • Shower curtains: Machine Wash Separately in Cold Water - Delicate Cycle - Do Not Bleach - Tumble Dry Low - Press with Low Heat

    • Indoor/outdoor throw pillows: Spot clean or Dry Clean Only.

    • Floor pillow: Cover = Machine Wash Separately in Cold Water - Gentle Cycle - Mild Detergent - Do Not Bleach - Tumble Dry Low; Insert = Spot Clean / Dry Clean Only

    • Pouf: Cover = Machine Wash Separately in Cold Water - Gentle Cycle - Mild Detergent - Do Not Bleach - Tumble Dry Low; Insert = Spot Clean / Dry Clean Only

  • Can I get an assortment of notecards with different pieces of art? Can I include text?

    We only offer notecards in sets of 8, 12, and 24, but you can order as many different sets as you want and then mix 'n match yourself!

    We can't include text on the inside right now, only a 32 character (maximum) credit on the back. But we're working on it! :-) The caption, or artist credit, on the back is entirely optional.

  • Does the poster have to be 16 pieces from one gallery? Does it come framed?

    You can use artwork from any of your galleries and any of your children! But currently, we can only fit exactly 16 pieces on a poster. We will have more options coming soon!

    The poster is not framed. It comes rolled in a tube to prevent bending.

  • Does the shower curtain need rings and a liner?

    Yes. The shower curtain comes with 12 pre-sewn holes for you to use with the rings of your choosing. We do recommend using this shower curtain with a liner.

Pricing FAQ

Don't see your question answered here? Email us and we'll respond within one business day.