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Pieces of Art
10"x8" Softcover
10"x8" Hardcover
13"x11" Hardcover
Digital Only
Up to 30 $85 $130 $175 $.95/piece of art
31 - 60 $130 $175 $225 $.95/piece of art
61 - 120 Not Available $265 $325 $.95/piece of art
121 - 220 Not Available $355 $425 $.95/piece of art

Duplicate books are 40% off the above prices.

Tax (if applicable) and shipping, not included

  • Captions can be added to (some or all of) the art featured in your book for an additional fee.
  • All books are printed on the leading HP indigo digital offset printer. Softcover books are printed on 80 lb glossy paper with a perfect binding; they feature your artwork on a glossy cover. Hardcover books are printed on 100 lb glossy paper with a library binding; they feature your artwork on a matte cover that wraps around the cover of the book.
  • Books containing up to 30 pieces of artwork are 20 pgs, books containing up to 60 pieces are 40 pgs, books containing up to 120 pieces are 80 pgs and books containing up to 220 pieces are 120 pgs. If you would like strictly one piece of artwork per page, you may have to buy the next size book.
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