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Kids are prolific artists, and while we love each and every one of their masterpieces, they can pile up to the point where the refrigerator, bulletin board, and playroom walls can’t accommodate anything else. Here, some ways to showcase the jewels—and archive the rest.


A startup offering a solution for parents with small children who want a way to easily save and store their kids’ artwork, Plum Print!


A smart fix for all that kids' art: plumprint.com. Plum Print ranks #21 in Real Simple magazine's '76 Greatest Organizing Tips of All Time'

Real Simple

Amazing new company that transforms your children's artwork into elegant coffee table books wows the panelists and viewers on CNBC's Power Pitch.


I mailed a giant, awkward pile of our daughter’s artwork and schoolwork to a fantastic service called Plum Print, and the pile came back transformed into a lovely hardcover book

Good Housekeeping

- Gretchen Rubin

Is your mini Monet churning out more artwork than your fridge (or entire kitchen) can contain? Plum Print is our new favorite way to save it all, without having to rent out storage space.


If you feel like your fridge stores more preschool art than food, Plum Print can help

Parents Magazine

If you’re drowning in construction paper, let Plum Print be your life raft.

Plum Print is a unique company that will take your child’s artwork and transform it into a sentimental and stylish art book to proudly display on your coffee table.


Preserve kids’ artwork by creating coffee-table books, wallpaper and more.

One Kings Lane

In March 2012 the two launched Plum Print, an online company that consolidates children's artwork into coffee table books.

Cornell Alumni Magazine

Success for us will be changing the way people think about preserving these precious pieces of artwork.

Story Exchange

Plum Print is a new company that turns children's art, school work and photographs into a beautiful coffee table book for you to keep or gift.

More Magazine

Preserving kids' artwork has never been so pretty (or organized). Plum Print will take your kids' paintings, doodles, and construction paper creations and turn it all into an absolutely gorgeous coffee table book.

Cool Mom Picks

I LOVE IT!! The crinkled old art looks amazing in this book. THank you so very much. It's just beautiful.


West Hollywood, CA

Oh my goodness. These are BEAUTIFUL. My kids and I are doing this for their dad for Father's Day and he will LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them.


San Francisco, CA

I’m looking forward to surprising my young artist with this at the end of the school year, and I’m already gathering up a stack of art for volume two, the middle years! Thank you so much. It’s beautiful. I just love it! Thanks so much


Mansfield, OH

It's perfect. Thank you.


Turlock, CA

I love the book so much, I want to make another one.


Sacramento, CA

Our Plum Print book was such amazing quality that we ordered two more copies for the grandparents. Thanks Plum Print!


New York, NY

Let us organize those little masterpieces, and get you started with a Plum Parcel!

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