Tips for getting the best possible Plum Print Book

Choosing the right artwork

  • We suggest choosing pieces that your child has created him/herself without outside assistance. These pieces tend to showcase the genuine imagination of young children that, in turn, makes these books so beautiful and unique.
  • We suggest choosing pieces that will travel well. Although that collage of pasta is beautiful in your home, by the time it reaches us it may very well be a bowl of pasta at the bottom of the box. Likewise, a stunning porcelain bowl is perfect on your shelf, but we would hate to see it shattered in transit to us.
  • Artwork that has low contrast (for example, yellow crayon/marker on grey paper) will not translate well in reproduction.
  • Neon colors will appear colorful in print, but they will NOT appear neon.
  • Be creative and choose a fun title and cover piece for your Plum Print book! Add the title you would like on your Art Submission Form and mark the back of the cover piece with the word COVER written clearly in PENCIL.

Preparing the artwork for travel

  • If the artwork has a top and a bottom that may not be so obvious, please mark it in PENCIL on the back. (Although your little tyke can clearly see where the face and feet are, our graphic designers might find another interpretation!)
  • Write any captions you would like included directly on the back of the artwork in PENCIL! Or put the captions on sticky notes attached to the work—but be very careful when packing to ensure the stickies don’t fall off in transit.
  • If you would like your art presented in a specific order, mark the back of the artwork in PENCIL with the order, with the first piece starting at #1 ascending.
  • We accept all 2-D art as well as small 3-D pieces (limited to 5″ x 3″ x 3″.) We highly recommend using plastic bags to prevent water damage in transit.
  • We urge you not to fold any of the artwork! The creases can severely distort the digital image and we may deem it unusable. We hate to see creative artistry gone to waste. Rolling larger pieces is a much better solution. Painter’s tape works wonders keeping larger pieces rolled up safely.