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Welcome to our Plum Print blog.  We know it’s not always easy to come up with new and unique activities to do with your kids, but we are here to help!  This is where we post artistic ideas to inspire your pint-sized Pollocks into splattering some more paint. Sign up on our home page to get our Plum Ideas newsletter sent directly to you by email.

Shamrock (four-leaf clover) Potato Prints

Haven’t put away the heart-shaped cookie cutter from Valentine’s Day? You’re in LUCK. Pair it with a potato, some green paint and glitter and you’ve got yourself a four-leaf clover for St. Patrick’s Day! Full instructions at!

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The Perfect Gift For Grandma…

The perfect gift for Grandma, teachers, babysitters, the neighbors…a bundle of notecards featuring your child’s artwork. Simply email us a photo of a piece of your child’s art and we’ll send you a beautiful stack: $25 for bundle of 10 or $35 for bundle of 20.

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Gobble Gobble

Need a last-minute table centerpiece? Grab a squash; pumpkin; some tissue paper; felt; orange and yellow paint, crayon or markers; and some glue; and start creating!

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Turkey Terrific

You can get the kids started by drawing a circle (lightly in pencil), with 6 or 7 feathers around the top half and some little legs on the bottom. Provide some Cheerios, Fruit Loops, and a glue stick, and let the kids create! Add some googly eyes and colored paper for a beak and snood (yup, that’s the name of that flap of skin that hangs off the turkey’s beak)!

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Balloon Spider!

All you need for this spider are two black balloons, some black streamers, clear packing tape, a white piece of paper, and a marker.

1.  Blow up one of the balloons completely and the second one halfway.

2.  Attach balloons with tape folded over. (Note:  Don’t try to remove packing tape from the balloon.  It will pop!)

3.  Cut out two circles from white paper and draw pupils.  Attach with tape.

4.  Cut four long pieces of streamer and tape to underbelly of spider.  Attach spider and legs to the wall with tape!




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Healthy Halloween!

Worried about candy overload?! Sneak in some healthy snacks with these Ghostly Bananas and Orange Pumpkins!
The Ghost is made with mini chips for the eyes and a chocolate chip (point into the banana) for the nose. Use celery sticks or string beans for the stems of the pumpkin!

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For these adorable ghosts, all you need is a couple of 1 gallon white milk jugs, a permanent marker, a craft knife, and a string of clear Christmas lights.


1. Sketch out a few faces on a sheet of paper. Decide on the faces you like best, then draw the outline on the front of the jug.


2. Color it in.


3. Use craft knife to cut flap in the back of the jugs.  Flap will help hold lights in later!


4. Stuff jugs with lights.


5. Turn off the lights and see what you’ve got!  Not only are they fun for your yard or porch, but they look great peeking out of your window too!




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Recycled Robot

Recycled Art is cool. Your kids will love this “Recycled Robot”.

Supplies: 1/2 gallon milk carton, paper plate bowl, pipe cleaner, popsicle sticks, bottle tops, top of peanut butter jar, silver spray paint.

1. Cut off the top of the milk carton.
2. Glue on the bottle tops as eyes and nose and ears (glue gun works best). Glue the top of the peanut butter jar to the bottom, to act as base (aka rocket booster). Glue the bowl upside-down on the top of the milk carton. Glue on the popsicle sticks as arms. If you’d like, twist together two pipe cleaners and attach as a mustache. (Vary with materials you have: for example, a bow can be added for female robot!)
3. Spray paint the whole thing silver.

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Halloween fun with food: Jack d’Orange!


For this deliciously cute idea, all you need is an orange, some fruit, a knife, and a spoon!


1. Cut a circle around the top of the orange.


2. Remove top and begin cutting small chunks of the inside of the orange and set aside (to be added later with your other fruit).


3. Use your spoon to scoop out the bottom and sides.  My orange was so juicy I poured the juice into a cup and enjoyed it.  Feel free to eat the scooped parts, since they are not pretty enough to be put back in.  Just don’t eat off your scooping spoon, unless you are making this for yourself!  :-)


4. Cut out a face.  Sometimes simple is the way to go!


5. Rinse and cut your fruit, then fill.


6. For the tongue, thinly slice a strawberry and place partway in the mouth. Enjoy!


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